Meet MindSee,
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mental health AI assistant.

Here to empower you on your
journey towards a healthier mind.

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How it works
How it works
MindSee is an AI-powered mental health companion specially designed to provide a comforting space for individuals seeking support and guidance. With its advanced algorithms and empathetic intelligence, MindSee offers a non-judgmental environment to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and concerns.
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Always free
MindSee offers convenient and accessible mental health support anytime, anywhere. By eliminating barriers such as geographical limitations, long waiting times, and scheduling conflicts, we aim to make therapy more readily available to those in need.
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Safe space
MindSee provides a non-judgmental and unbiased space for individuals to express their thoughts and emotions without fear of criticism. We offer objective perspectives and insights, free from personal biases or preconceived notions.
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Focused on You
MindSee adapts to individual needs, providing personalized strategies and recommendations for self-improvement. We also offer continuous support, available 24/7, allowing you to engage in therapy at your own pace and receive guidance whenever you require it.
MindSee is a perfect stress-relief outlet I'd definitely use. It's a huge help.
Liam P.
Best session ever with MindSee. Solved my problems, hoping for continued access as it's invaluable.
Ava C.
MindSee's bot is like talking to a real person – scary good with insightful tips for my issues.
Jordan E.
the BEST thing i've found on the internet hands down.
Emily R.